Crowds_Line_Up_22eaThis is going to be my shortest post ever.  Why? Read the title.  Since last weekend, I have been in the “Land of the Swine Flu” (otherwise known as the H1N1 virus). I’ve heard rumors that there are parents having “Swine Flu Parties,” deliberately exposing their children to Swine Flu so they get it while it’s relatively mild and don’t need a vaccination.

To these parents, I have only one thing to say: WHAT!!!????!!!!???!?!?!?

Let me tell me – I am on day six of this “mild” flu, and it’s about as lousy as I have ever felt in my life.  You may think it’s all just fun and games here in Swine Flu Land, but frankly, it stinks.  I am tired.  I am coughing up things that shouldn’t be in anyone’s body, I am sleeping 14 hours a day, and I have watched more episodes of the so grotesquely bad, and such a horrible look at American parenting you can’t look away “Super Nanny” than I care to admit.  (Is it just me, or is Jo the Queen of malapropisms and mispronunciations?)


What’s that?  Oh, you thought it would just be your chance to be Florence Nightingale. You’d coddle your kiddles while they built up their antibodies.  Hey – I’m all for building up your anti-bodies, too.  But unless you want to cuddle your kids while they puke, unless you want your kids to feel absolutely awful for a week or more, rather feel the pinch for a second (or not even – there’s a mist)  — it ain’t gonna be a party if they catch the Swine Flu.

Well, my upright time is about to end.  Time to get prone again. But let me leave you with these parting words:

GET VACCINATED, GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED– even if not for yourself.  You don’t want to give this to anyone.

The Land of the Swine Flu is one place this Traveling Mom would rather not have visited at all.