Perhaps no single car ride is as memorable for a parent, as the ride to the hospital to deliver your child. As much as you think you are prepared, when the time comes, it’s easy to overlook a few essentials.

That’s why one company, The Little Stork, started offering their pre-packed hospital delivery bags. Order up one of these fully stocked and packed bags, put it in the trunk of your car, and you are good to go. The bag comes in three versions, all of which include the labor and breastfeeding essentials for mom. They have thought of just about everything you will need for your time in the hospital.

Upgrades to the deluxe package  include personal  clothing items such as nursing bras, gowns and a take me home outfit for your baby. Most of the items are organic and/or made from natural fibers. Even the bag. Goodies are packed in a sturdy oversized canvas carryall that leaves you a little room to add your own additional must have items.

Customize your package to the gender of your child and your own clothing sizes. When the big day comes, your car will be packed and you will be ready to roll.