cheezitWhen traveling, we all know that potential food allergens lie everywhere.  You can be careful, watchful, and hovering, but toddlers find a way to get into things, especially when parents are not looking.

Next week, my son turns two. This past weekend, we went to visit my family out of town to celebrate his birthday.  We were having fun. Campfire, check.  Hot dogs (with no soy), check. Ethan-safe chocolate for s’mores, check. So, who the hell brought the Cheez-Its?

Ok, so I know who brought the Cheez-Its–it was my mom. They were not for my son, they were for my dad. We were staying at their house. But those tricky little crackers were picked out of my dad’s lunch box, all in the time it took me to use the restroom. 

He only ate one, which I caught and made him spit out, then freaked. Sure enough, within minutes, the telltale face rash appeared along with him not wanting to even eat his cake.

We were lucky this time. I spent the rest of the night watching him, sleeping with him to ensure no other symptoms cropped up that would cause me to use the Epi-Pen. While we managed to escape a bad “could have been” this time, it was a great reminder that even when being watchful, when you are out of you safety bubble that is your house, anything can happen.

Has anyone else out there ever encountered a situation like this when traveling? If so, I’d love to hear about it and how you’ve learned to deal with these situations.