appleIf you happen to bump into me around this time tomorrow night, just pretend you don’t know me. Just walk on by, and please, no cameras and pretty pretty please no FLIPs. Because I probably won’t be myself. And I definitely won’t want to see it in the morning. I’m essentially being kidnapped tomorrow. I’ll be boarding a commuter bus into New York City, completely against my will of course, to join a band of crazy moms hell bent on forgetting their mom identities for a night. The festivities will begin with some massages and other pampering to wash away any maternal stresses. Once we’ve been restored to our pre-partum youthful glows, we’ll be ready to hit the town and fully avail ourselves of the New York City nightlife. The itinerary is top secret but I’m told it may include a mechanical bull. I kid you not when I say that I’m terrified about what’s coming. I already feel old and desperately passe, and that’s in the depth of my New Jersey suburbs! There’s no way I’ll be able to hang (or whatever it is they call it nowadays) in the City. I don’t even think I’ll be hip enough to qualify as B&T (Bridge and Tunnel).The only silver lining to this bad idea is that I’ll come home with a new appreciation for my boring life.Original post. If she survives this weekend, Vanessa should be back to blogging on her personal blog, Chefdruck Musings, on Sunday night.