IMG_3468I love aquariums and along with the local zoo will visit one wherever I travel. I recently read about the Dallas World Aquarium and decided to take an overnight trip with my son to see friends and spend the day at the Dallas attraction.

From the moment we passed the ticket booth we were caught up in the uniqueness of the aquarium. The Dallas World Aquarium is laid out like a rainforest. A huge waterfall streams down the center of the building. Lush green plants are everywhere. A ramp winds it way through multiple levels and past a huge variety of animals. In addition to exotic fish, the aquarium is full of birds, reptiles, spiders and large animals such as jaguars and giant otters. Throughout the museum are computer screens that provide information about every aspect of the animals, their habitats and the countries in which they are found. 

Three parts of the aquarium stood out to me and my son. First, the tunnel through the shark tank. Yes, this same exhibit is found in otherAquarium_with_boy aquariums but it is still extremely cool to stand in a see through tunnel with huge sharks swimming over, next to and straight at you. Second, the multiple tanks focusing on marine life in various places around the world. I viewed some interesting sea life, such as the biggest and strangest sea horses I have ever seen, and it was neat to read about and see a structural rendering of their habitat. Lastly, on the bottom level is a floor to ceiling, room length tank with the biggest fish I have ever seen in an aquarium. They may not have been particularly unique but they were certainly huge and they were irresistable to the small children in the building. 

Here are a few tips about the aquarium. The amount of information available about the animals and their habitats will allow you to get more out of this experience with a school aged child. In addition, visiting the Dallas World Aquarium is not a frugal experience. You must pay for parking, a maximum of $5. Also, with an entrance fee of about $21 per adult and $13 per child, make this an all day experience just to ensure you get your money’s worth. On entry, a man asked the ticket agent if there was a roller coaster inside after she told him how much he owed. Take note that the crowd of people in the aquarium would make navigating with a stroller difficult and frustrating. Lastly, bring your own food if possible. Food and drink is pricey and not a lot is healthy.


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