car_videoWe recently embarked on a road trip – my husband, two kids and me. In the process, we managed to collect more Cheerios and fish crackers, napkins, and, yes, coffee cups on the floor than most daycares probably see in a year (especially the coffee cups).

It’s not that we’re exceptionally messy. On the contrary, my husband and I both can usually be found on our hands and knees under the kitchen table after every meal, picking up every crumb or sopping up spilled juice or water. It’s the same at restaurants – we painstakingly try to pick up every bit of discarded food our kids have dropped, then leave a sizable tip out of guilt at having someone else clean up after us.

So why does our car get so trashed? I guess there’s something about a road trip that switches our brains into thinking we’re on vacation and don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Crackers on the floor? No problem! Juice spilled on the seat? A good scrubbing will clean it later. And at the end of the trip, all those little we’ll-deal-with-them-later messes have added up into one colossal mess that no one wants to clean.

How do you keep your car clean during a road trip? Please leave a comment below!