In my house the countdown has begun to the holidays. Soon we’ll be spending time with family and friends. There will be lots of family trips. I should preface this by saying that I love my family. I love my parents, my in-laws, my step-family, my siblings and my extended family. Friends are chosen…but still. That said, I’ve come to realize that I love them even more when they visit for 4 days. What’s that old saying about fish and houseguests and three days? Was it that houseguests begin to stink like fish? Now, I’m not saying that I’ve had many stinky guests but I am saying that the house sure smells sweeter after they’ve gone. I’m sure they feel the same way when I come to visit with my own family but they’re just too darn polite to say anything. Still, I’m hanging my sign on the door that says, “Stay for 4 but no more!”