My car, a well travelled Acura MDX, is in the shop today, getting new brake pads. So today I have a loaner car; a smaller, springier, and sportier Acura RDX.

For about the first seven miles I spent with the loaner, I felt freed. Like I’d just stripped off a fat suit. Maybe it’s all the minivan test driving I have been doing lately but when I accellerated? Woo Hoo! I did not mind for even a minute that I could not drive carpool today for lack of seating.

And then something strange happened. A light flashed on the dashboard. Telling me that it was high time for check up. And then another. Check tire pressure already!  Mere moments later a voice boomed over the car’s sound system admonishing me to buckle my seatbelt, and as message after message flashed urgently at me, jarring me, I started feeling a little bit less like I was having fun and a little bit more like the spirit of my dear departed and overprotective Grandma, was inhabiting this vehicle.


I’m all for safety. My kids might even say that I am a lot like dear Granny. But there has to be a limit here if I am going to enjoy driving and not be startled into crashing for fear of missing the 10k check up.

Plus if any car is going to nag at me like that, it had better make me great chicken soup and send me $10 checks in a heartfelt card on my birthday.