2006: The kids had a long weekend break from school so I brought them with me to work, thinking that would ease the pain of work-related travel.  I also thought I could throw in an extra day of work at very little expense to my family (since they would be nearby).  Not so.  My sister-in-law lives in the area and the kids — all three — slept at her house the first night, under much protest.  They preferred the idea of sleeping in a hotel.

After work, I got to see them, which was a bonus.  The second evening, however, was more difficult.  We all went to a hotel, swam and watched a movie. Piece of cake.  Then came sleep time.  No one wanted to sleep, especially me.  I tucked them in, turned out the light and squeezed the office chair into the bathroom and read.  Not terrible.  No one part of the trip was terrible, but altogether, it was not the bliss I expected.  It’s a lot of work going away with kids and if you add a job to the equation, it makes for a more difficult experience.