I know I usually write about daytrips, but I take longer ones too and I’m in the midst of planning a doozy of a road trip: two-and-a-half weeks, a good bit of the Midwest, and more family and friends than you can shake a stick at.One thing I want to be more conscious of this year is how to save money while we’re traveling, and I think I’ve hit upon one simple but great way to do this easily: slow down. I’ve decided we’re going to drive several thousand miles without going over 60 miles an hour.Slowing down will save gas, which saves money and has the bonus effect of using fewer non-renewable resources. I’m trying to choose a new motto; here are a few contenders:A slowcation is better than nocationI can’t drive 61 Just pass us already sonny!For more details about just where we’ll be going, please see my post at The Mother of All Trips.