I’m here at BlogHer for the first time. A BlogHer virgin, if you will. Yesterday, after a six hour car ride from our new home in Columbus, Ohio, I stepped out into the warmth of a Chicago afternoon under the canopy of the Sheraton hotel and immediately encountered:

  • The BlogHer scream – that ridiculously high pitched scream when two bloggers recognize each other.
  • The look over – the glance you get from other conference attendees to assess who you are.
  • The crowds.

And I’m here to tell you that it is… incredibly, mind-blowingly overwhelming.

Having just struggled out of my pillow-soft bed, I am ready to give you the secret to surviving Blogher. You know, because I’m so experienced and all.


A full belly.

But not just any full belly. Here is my strategy to surviving conferences:

  1. Protein is king. Those little puff appetizers will taste so good going down, but will leave you hungry in an hour. Protein on a stick is always worth seeking out.
  2. Food before booze. Resist the urge to grab one drink right when you walk in if your stomach is empty. Line that stomach or you will regret it later.
  3. Take a break. Don’t be afraid to sneak out to the real world for a hour or so to get a real meal. Your stomach will thank you and you will return to the madness refreshed, and happy.
  4. Pick up a little fruit for your room to feed yourself something healthy between sessions.

Happy Blogher everyone! Feel free to add your tips in the comments below. And if you know where to get the best Chicago pizza – let me know!

I’ll be live blogging some sessions and talking about my experiences over at my Chefdruck Musings over the weekend.