sun_beachMy youngest daughter loves animals, and swimming with dolphins is one of her favorite family vacation activities. She has swum with dolphins in the Bahamas, at Atlantis, and in Florida, at Discovery Cove.

To protect the marine environment, you can only use the non-chemical sunscreen provided by the dolphin place, so it occurred to me that maybe we should rethink our sunscreen purchases. I recently found MelanSol, which combines natural ingredients, antioxidants and mineral reflective UV filters.

hatThe sunscreen helps prevent free radicals from aging the skin, and the creams are safe to use on babies. You can also protect your lips with MelanSol, so you don’t have to carry an extra lip-only sunscreen. What my kids like is that the sunscreen absorbs easily, so they don’t look blotchy, and if some gets in their eyes, it doesn’t sting.

MISSION Athletecare has a new Kids Continuous Play SPF 70 Spray that you don’t have to rub into the skin, and is great for reapplying when you are at the beach. The No Sting Sunscreen SPF 30+ Facestick lets kids apply their own sunscreen to their faces, without having it drip into their eyes.

For moms
Dermatologists also recommend hats for increased sun protection. Dorfman Pacific has stylish ETSIS SunEscape hats, with lightweight protection panels to further shield sensitive face skin. A boon for traveling moms, the hats roll and pack well.

For babies
You can further protect an infant’s delicate skin with a Summer Muff, a lightweight organic cotton sac that you can use to line an infant carrier, stroller, or jogger. Minerals woven into the material provide an SPF of 50, so even if you forget the sunscreen, you can still keep harmful rays from your baby’s skin.

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