stewart_beachThe hardest thing about moving from Bermuda was knowing that I would no longer see the ocean every day. Bermuda is 21 miles long but only one mile wide. The main roads that lead from the outer parishes into the city of Hamilton run along the ocean and water views are everywhere.After moving to Texas, I was determined that my son would feel as comfortable as I do around the ocean and took him to Stewart Beach in Galveston. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

It gets extremely hot and humid in the greater Houston area during the summer. Don’t try and imagine what that’s like no matter the descriptions you hear. The only way to know its true misery is to experience it. At Stewart Beach, there were many people attempting to alleviate the heat by cooling off in the ocean. Still, the beach is extremely long and spacious and did not feel crowded. The water is not the sapphire blue of Bermuda’s water but it felt great on that very hot day. The number of people in the water clearly felt the same way. Most importantly, my son had a great time and did not want to leave.

Many of the beaches in Galveston still show some damage from Hurricane Ike and are completely or partly closed. However, Stewart Beach is fully open. It costs $8 to park your car at the beach. Only cash is accepted. There is free street parking along the Seawall if you don’t mind a bit of a walk. It will cost you about $25 to rent an umbrella and 2 chairs so bring your own if possible. You can eat at the beach snack bar but for a cheaper and healthier option, bring your own lunch. For $1.00 ice cream cones, go to the McDonald’s that overlooks the beach and eat on its large terrace.

To see footage of the beach take a look at the video below. I’m still experimenting with my video camera and the clip below is one of my earliest efforts.

Galveston Beaches – Frugal Things To Do in the Houston Area

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