A few weeks ago I called up a friend on Thursday night and asked what she and her daughter were doing the following morning. “Fridays are for going to the grocery store!” she said. But with a bit of persuading, I was able to convince her that perhaps Friday should be for something a little different. Perhaps Friday should be about a day trip involving not food shopping, but magnoliasTravelingMom.coma fairy ringTravelingMom.coma labyrinthTravelingMom.comseveral frogs (both sculpted and real)TravelingMom.comTravelingMom.comand a rest among the flowers.TravelingMom.comAll of this at the Enchanted Garden at the Winterthur Estate, which has one of the most glorious naturalized gardens in the United States (the decorative arts inside the museum aren’t too shabby either if you can get someone to watch the kids). I highly recommend this as a daytrip destination if you’re in the Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia area.The beauty of that morning was a reminder that even short trips, a few miles from home, can be magically transporting and as refreshing as longer vacations.