2427Light, comfortable shoes are an important travel item, even for kids.  I recently attended an event at Stride Rite, aimed at educating me on their technology and design.  My kids are 8+ and honestly, Stride Rite was no longer on our radar.  That is unfortunate because I used to be one of their frequent shoppers.  If I had not attended their event, my 11 y/o daughter would have missed out on Stride Rite’s new line of Jessica Simpson shoes (that include ‘beast’ boots like you see here) and my 8 y/o son would never know that Stride Rite uses superball material in the heel of their Superball Zoom sneaker.  What kid doesn’t want a heel that can make them bounce like a superball?Beyond Superball heels, Stride Rite’s biggest innovation is their Sensory Response Technology, which optimizes the biomechanics of a baby’s foot to allow her to develop a healthy and natural gait.  The entire area of the bottom of the shoe is dedicated to proper development for the learning-to -walk period.  TravelingMom.comThe materials are extra flexible to allow baby’s foot to move in more than one direction so they learn how to adapt to uneven surfaces. I love the removable foot bed that allows for sizing updates and easy washing.Stride Rite has long been known for quality shoes for babies and toddlers.  Because of that focus, tweens regard their stores as being too babyish.  Stride Rite is working hard to change that attitude with its new Collection Stores that are designed to cater to the tween crowd. They have opened 3 and have plans for 2 more by the end of 2009.  Look for one near you.  Healthy feet make for happy travelers.