With the chaos of moving to a new country. Settling into a new routine with everything new can be so taxing and blinding at the same time. I have moved to Antigua, Guatemala. This colonial city, that dates back to the early 1700’s, has been considered by many to be the most beautiful city in all of Latin America. It sits in a small valley that is bordered by three gorgeous volcanoes that usually have a little bit of clouds stuck to their peaks like puffballs of cotton.

Everyday I hop on my scooter with my son and head through the ancient streets with original cobblestones and colorful houses. Yet, I haven’t enjoyed them for a single minute. Today, as my son and I were driving to his school, in the direction of one of the volcanoes, it hit me. Look at where I am!

Guatemala is called the country of eternal spring, and so far the weather is simply perfect. Not to cool, not to hot. Not to wet not to dry. It’s just right! The streets are so clean and dotted with tourism police so you don’t ever feel the fear you would in Guatemala City. It’s a whole world of its own.

I’m finally settling in and am ready to enjoy this beautiful place –  my new home!


Marina K. Villatoro writes about traveling in Central America on her site:  Travel Experta