Confession: Travel is an addiction for me. I can’t get enough of it. I don’t get jetlagged, I don’t get trunky and I definitely don’t get homesick. What I do get is really grouchy when I go too long between gettaways. That’s when I know I need a quick fix.

sting4Sometimes it’s enough just to watch a couple of new travel videos and daydream (Rick Steves, take me away!). Other times I spend a full day practicing my french on strangers and eating nothing but pain au chocolat. But when I desperately crave a real change of scenery, I reach for Sting.

That’s right, ladies. Sting. The throaty voice and sultry Brittish accent are the only thing that can truly pull me out of my “stuck-in-suburbia” funk.

livingseaAnd not just any Sting – “The Living Sea”. It’s the soundtrack he composed for a beautifully-done IMAX movie and I swear it can work magic. I grab my sunglasses and pop it in the player. The music begins, my eyes close, and suddenly the foaming tendrils of the ocean are tickling my feet. The sun warms my face (or is it just that I cranked the thermostat up?) as I wriggle my toes in the sand. I breathe deep and can smell the sea breeze. Close by are fragrant island flowers and freshly made pina coladas (and maybe a cabana boy or two?). I’m in paradise, and Sting is serenading me.


livingsea2It does the trick every time. After a few songs, I’m relaxed, refreshed. I’m ready to face the real world again, secure in the knowlege that I can go back to my tropical, Sting-filled island at any moment with just the touch of a button.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s no substitute for a Hawaiian holiday! But for $11, it’s a sweet little pick-me-up!