carstickers.jpgThe other day, as I sat at a stoplight here in suburbia, I was struck by the number of cars with “Family Stickers”. One lane over a turtle family of four was turning left. To my right was a stick figure family of five, plus a cat named Murphy. And most impressively, right in front of me, in a massive suburban with plates that alluded to their faith was a family of six or seven kids. I’m not sure really, whether it was six or seven because I ran out of time to count the flip flops before the light changed to green.

All the way home I pondered this family, imagined them surfing and planning picnics at the beach, all seven kids in tow. Perhaps they planned bible study groups where they would light bonfires and play beach blanket bingo. And if I were to visit them at home, would I see nine pairs of flip flops lined up outside the front door of their beachy cottage?

And what about that turtle family? Were they into marine rescue?

If I had to identify with any of them, it would most likely be the family with the cat named Murphy. Because they were real people. People with a cat. I’ll never know if turtle family or flip flop family have pets.

Although I have multiple children and pets, it’s never occured to me to put family stickers on my car. To be fair, I don’t put religious,academic, humor or politcal stickers on my car either. But perhaps I just need something to identify with more strongly. Say, assorted sized electronic gadgets, reflecting everyone’s device of choice (I’m torn between my laptop and and my hairdryer). Or a set of assorted sized spuds, reflecting our secret shameful love for tv?

Then again, no.

I just don’t get the family decal thing. But I am sure eventually, someone will explain it to me. In the meantime I will keep searching for myself on sites like Our Stick Family.

Tell us: Do you have family stickers on your car?