My-City-NYC-Sticker-BookIf the museums, Broadways, great zoos and fantastic food is not enough to excite your kid about a family vacation to New York city, the My City New York City sticker book can help. The book has space for 158 New York themed stickers, from the Statue of Liberty to Coney Island, and each sticker space has informational text.

Your kids may love Lady Gaga, and even know her real name, but did they know she is from New York? Or did they know that Fiorella LaGuardia, whose name graces both the airport you might have flown into a local performing arts high school, was a 3-term mayor of the city?

You can learn a little history and find places to visit you might not have know about (Astoria, anyone?).

Even without the stickers, the $1.99 book is fun, but the $1 sticker packs offer a bunch of prizes. If you fill in a certain whole page, you can get a free pizza, or admission to the Museum of Chinese in America.

And, like Willy Wonka’s famous gold tickets, there are special stickers in some packs that can win a family a Grand Tour of New York.