Air travel always ends up wreaking havoc on my skin – especially this time of year. Between the recycled air on the plane and the dry air in the terminal my skin and lips feel like the desert, while my body is still in the Midwest. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned to keep my skin and body hydrated.

Drink up – but no alcohol. It’s true what they say – drinking eight or so glasses of water a day really does keep you hydrated inside and out and healthier. Buy a big bottle of water in the terminal or bring a reusable bottle and drink it throughout the flight. Ask for refills from the flight attendants, but don’t accept tap water – it’s been known to be contaminated and unfit for drinking. If water’s not your thing, try flavored water or 100% juice. Before getting on the plane, apply a layer of moisturizer to the face, neck, hands and arms to act as a barrier to the dry, recirculated plane air. Carry a small tube in your carry on to reapply as needed – at minimum, reapply after each hand washing. Also be sure to keep lip balm handy and reapply as needed to keep lips feeling comfortable and smooth. Nasal spray is another quick and easy way to prevent dryness. This is especially important if you suffer from sinus problems or are sick. Pack a small bottle of saline nasal spray in your carry on bag to use before and during the flight.