baltoOne of the most memorable weekends away we ever had was a weekend we spent with another family, in our house, and taking advantage of local activities.

Of course, we are blessed, living in New York City, where I honestly believed when I was little that everyone wanted to live, but only the lucky few (million) got to.  But you can have a great staycation almost anywhere.

I don’t remember what happened – we had plans to go to a hotel on Long Island and hang out on the beach, but for some reason, we couldn’t go. We went out to dinner with the other family Friday night, then their two kids slept with our three in the living room.

What to do
The next day, we had a special breakfast, then went to Central Park. The kids rode the carousel, we looked for the statue of Balto, and spent hours at the playground. The cost for this was probably about $3 for carousel rides, and a few dollars for pretzels from a vendor. The kids remember climbing Central Park’s boulders and getting ice cream.


Coney_IslandThat night, all five kids slept at our friends’ house, and the next day, we took the subway to the beach.

We did go to the beach on Long Island another weekend, but we may have had a better time at home. No one will confuse Coney Island for Shelter Island, but we did get to each French fries from Nathan’s with a little wooden fork.

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