SpringFlowers_jpgWe can’t take family vacations every day, but we can make every day feel like a family vacation with these day trip ideas.

 I don’t know about you but I have been cooped up in the house long enough.  Now that the weather has finally broke, I love getting the kids outside to enjoy the fresh air. They can get very rambunctious being stuck inside for too long, so they are just as happy as I am to be able to run free and enjoy the weather.  Its amazing how a little sunshine can make you feel alive again!

Keeping the kids busy can be a challenge at times.  It is not easy every week to go on big adventures, so here are a few day trip ideas that the entire family can enjoy.

Visit a farm; This time of year we love visiting farms and taking hayrides to pick our very own fruit and vegetables. Since I am dealing with picky eaters, it is important for me start getting them involved from picking the items to helping me prepare and cook the food.  And springtime is all about baby animals! The kids always have a blast feeding them and watching them play.

Parks; The kids squeal when I say to them that we are going to the park for the day. We always go to the same two parks in our area {which the kids don’t mind} but I thought it would be exciting to take them to a new park each week.  Pack a lunch, set up a picnic and let the kids explore their new surroundings is the perfect way to spend a spring day!

Plant a Spring Garden; This activity is a great learning experience for children from understanding the life cycle of plants and animals, helping lay out the garden to measuring the plant growth.  I am new to gardening but look forward to having my boys share in the experience with me.  We will be planting a garden for each of them and have them decorate their own personalized stepping stone to add as a special touch.

Now it’s your turn.  What are some day trip activities are you looking forward to doing this spring with your children?