Halloween looms and who wouldn’t want a little spookiness added to a Halloween vacation? OK, I wouldn’t. But I’m kind of a scaredy cat. My teens, both much braver than I am, would love to stay in a place rumored to be haunted. Here are six slightly spooky spots to spend Halloween. If you’re into that sort of thing.

6 Slightly Spooky Destinations

Halloween ideas for kids

“Evan and friends at Halloween” by D’Arcy Norman via Wiki Commons.


Savannah, Georgia

This is one of my family’s favorite spots. Lauded as the supernatural capital of the South, the beautiful and historic downtown in Savannah is a spooky Halloween mecca. Much of the downtown area was allegedly built on top of cemeteries, and the city celebrates the spooky past every year with ghost tours, parties, and specials, including stops at the Bonaventure Cemetery and Mercer Williams House.

West Hollywood, California

Halloween Ideas. by Daniel Mayer via Wikimedia Commons

“Major John Berrien grace in Colonial Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia” by Daniel Mayer via Wikimedia Commons.

A half million people are expected to attend the West Hollywood Costume Carnival, one of the country’s biggest street festivals and largest Halloween street party. Santa Monica Boulevard is shut down to make room for live entertainment, food vendors, pumpkin-carving, and children’s activities.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas’ fabulously glittery, famous historic visitors and over-the-top costumes and parties, Halloween is a time of countless parties and events, including the Haunted Vegas Tours,

Tombstone & Flagstaff, Arizona

Home to one of the most notorious streets of the Wild West, Tombstone is famous for the epic gun battles that raged for years between the law and the outlaws.  Up north in Flagstaff, visit spooky landmarks featured on Unsolved Mysteries.

Salem, Massachusetts

Home of the famous 1692 Salem Witch Trials, Salem, and Massachusetts is the ideal Halloween destination for those seeking thrills and historic celebrations of the spooky past! The city of Salem puts on an annual parade, hosts countless tours and re-enactments, and stretches the revelry out to last all month.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Down in the Big Easy, tourists and visitors can pick from many of the country’s best ghost tours, spanning the French Quarter to the raised cemetery ‘Cities of the Dead.’

Haunted Rentals

Haunted Savannah Cottage. This cottage, known as Laura’s Cottage, is part of many popular walking ghost tours, and is said to be home to a friendly. It was used as a location for Robert Redford’s film, “The Conspirator.”

OK Street Jailhouse. Built in 1904 in Bisbee, Arizona, this was an operating jail until 1915. The jail is a two-story building, but while you are serving your sentence, you are the only inmate. (It sleeps up to 4.) The OK Street Jailhouse owner has pictures of ‘orbs,’ ghosts, or other supernatural activity.

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