When my husband and I first got married, we decided that Thanksgiving would be a holiday we spent together with our immediate family. For our purposes, “immediate” meant “him and me” and would hopefully down the road mean “us and them” – our future children. Because we led very busy lives and any time we could salvage to spend together was a precious gift, Thanksgiving was the day we designated to do whatever we wanted, whether staying at home and cooking a full course meal, going out to dinner, taking a mini-vacation, or sometimes going back to tradition and visiting nearby relatives to share a turkey.This year our plans were all wet; literally. We took the kids to the Holiday Inn CocoKey Indoor Waterpark Resort, located in Waterbury, Connecticut. This is one of those new indoor waterparks that are popping up all over the country. Even though the hotel is not a far drive for us, we decided to stay overnight as sort of a mini family vacation. I also knew I could use two days of water activity to burn off everything I was sure to eat.We arrived at the hotel in time for our 1:00 reservation for the buffet dinner. Fortunately we were early and the hostess encouraged us to go eat and then settle into the hotel. Good recommendation. Thanksgiving day buffets tend to get crowded, but eating around 12:30 there were less people and it was easy to go up and fill our plates. The variety of food was good: turkey, beef, chicken, stuffing, vegetables, and many more choices. An appetizer spread included baked brie, one of my favorites. What I loved most is that the buffet accommodated the fussiest eaters, aka my 7-year-old son, and he was thrilled with the chicken fingers and french fries.  My 10-year-old daughter, whose culinary tastes tend to be less fussy but more exquisite, gave a big thumbs up to the dessert spread, especially the chocolate mousse cake and the vanilla bean cheese cake.After eating we checked into our room and let our stomachs settle before checking out the waterpark. We all had a blast in the afternoon.  There was island oasis with small slides, spray guns, and a dumping bucket full of water, perfect for the younger kids. The lazy river is always one of my favorites. This one is smaller than you find at the bigger theme parks, but we enjoyed doing laps. Both kids had fun with the lagoon and basketball court, and took time outs to enjoy the hot tub, which, by passing through a doorway, you could soak in outside or inside.What my daughter and I loved best were the three giant tube slides: one a body slide, one with lights so you could see, and one dark so you couldn’t. If you ever wondered how they fit these things in an indoor waterpark, it’s because you enter the tube from the inside but the construction goes outside the building. The twisting tubes hug the outside walls and then reenter at the bottom so at the end of the ride participants are back inside.For us, the waterpark was a great alternative to a traditional Thanksgiving. Instead of sitting around eating leftovers or falling asleep, we had fun in a makeshift tropical paradise. If I were to do it again, I would not do two days. The second day we only stayed about an hour and a half in the park and the kids were antsy to do something else. We took advantage of Holiday Inn’s Kids Eat for Free program at both dinner and breakfast, which made this quick trip very affordable and the food is usually good. We were disappointed that the regular hotel and hot tub were cold – one reason we love to do overnights during winter is to be able to swim.  However, getting a turkey day opportunity to play indoors in the water certainly provided a much-needed getaway. I’m sure we’ll return for a day visit when the midwinter blues hit in a couple of months.