By Adventure Mom – Fran CapoIt all started when I wanted to add two murals to plain white closet doors when I lived in Ossining. A quick online search and I saw a bunch of forest scenes, a Greek temple, and a waterfall that I could glue onto the doors. But then I  stumbled on a website, It was the most awesome sight I had seen where this artist, Jeff hand paints an astronomically correct night sky that glows in the dark on your ceiling. I contacted Jeff and we began a dialogue. I wanted to make sure these weren’t those cheap plastic stars that you stick on your ceiling… you know the kind you can get a the 99 cents store. Jeff assured me it wasn’t. Since I didn’t want to paint a sky on the doors, which would be like walking into the twilight zone…. and I wasn’t sure how much longer I was really going to live with my boyfriend, Steve in the Ossining house, I put the sky painting on hold, but Jeff and I stayed in touch.Fast forward to October of 2008. Jeff’s younger daughter, Gabi finds out that Jeff is emailing the fastest talking female, she challenges him to see if he really knows me….so to make Daddy look good, I  offer to send her a autograph picture and some articles. She gets a kick out of it, I email her a couple of times, and Jeff is happy that I made his daughter happy.Long story short, in December he tells me he’s traveling and can make a detour to New York…. since I’m renting I don’t’ have a place to have this beautiful mural done (after all it’s not like I can pack it up with me when I move) I ask my boyfriend Steve (yes the same one from Ossining that now in a twist of fate moved across the street from me) … if he’d like a mural in his house. He is delighted. (Well he’s a guy, he doesn’t really get delighted, but says, “Yeah, Sure.” And smiles. Which in his world is a standing ovation.)Anyway, Jeff flies into town, meets me in Chinatown at the end of one of my motivational talks, I take him around NYC city show him the Christmas tree, then we head upstate where he begins his art work in Steve’s house.He prepares the room by filtering out all natural light, lays canvas down so his special mixture of glow in the dark paint doesn’t get all over the furniture, and then begins the grueling 10 hour process of hand painting the milky way, big dipper, small dipper, moon etc on the ceiling. (He asked me what I wanted up there… I told him to throw in my sign Leo and Steve’s Gemini.) I also asked him to move over the Milky Way so the ceiling fan wouldn’t block it. Hey, it’s not like I’m going to have some scientist come over my house and check.Anyway, Jeff gets my star order and then begins his work, in the dark. Yup, He does all this painting in the dark and keeps the room shut so you cannot see the magic process. I tried to peak and cheat…but I was caught. (Of course I had this image of him spray painting the dots on the ceiling…but I was told that wasn’t the case.)Things being how my life is, I also had a radio show to do the same day he is working on the house. So I figured why not give the guy a plug while I’m on the radio.So I’m across the street at my house doing a radio interview and he and Steve are at Steve’s house listening to the radio and they hear my plugging what he is doing…Jeff gets a kick out of it.At the end of my interview I head back over to Steve’s. The masterpiece is now complete. We turn out the lights and there on the ceiling we are instantly transformed to outer space and looking at the most gorgeous clear night sky. Steve liked it so much he had Jeff also do the guest room and the library.(Then Jeff and I sat in the dark admiring his work.) I laughed about it…I said, “Wow how often is it that you meet a total stranger, and let them paint your house, then sit in the dark and talk about it for an hour.)Anyway, Jeff’s s a great guy…For those who want to travel nightly but do not have the time, or even if you just want to sit outside under the night sky but don’t’ like the cold…this is the best way to do it. It’s a unique, it’s fun and each one is original and signed.Of course as I now lay under the sky night after night, I am starting to get ideas of my next adventure…I mean why just look at space when you can go visit it…my wheels are turning…in the meantime I’ll watch it from my pillow and never be bored looking at the ceiling again.Till next time…always look for great adventures.Note:To see Jeff’s work go to and tell him Fran Sent ya.You can also email him at