To prepare for our European family vacation and summer in general, there were a couple MUST DO things on my personal list:  get waxed, and lose a few pounds.

I already reported that I am over the bikini waxing trauma and very glad that I did it.  One less thing to worry about (or many less if you are splitting hairs – couldn't resist). 


The losing pounds checklist item was not going to be as easy but possibly as traumatic.  At 44 years old, I am inspired by people like Janice Taylor and Oprah and Weight Watchers but never enough to drop below my comfort weight.  This comfort weight (Dr. Cathy would take note of the double entendre) is good enough.  Meaning I can work with my wardrobe to appear slimmer.  The frustration is that I am used to this weight and so is my body.  So I started researching cleanses.


I'm not into starvation so I knew that the infamous Master Cleanse was not going to work for me no matter how well it worked for Beyonce.  My yoga studio was offering a cleanse that encouraged pH balance and included whole, raw foods but it was not in my budget. I opted for a 9 day Isagenix cleanse.  My cousin, who owns Tranquility Spa in Milford, CT, is immersed in nutrition and personal care did the cleanse and not only did her body look great, so did her skin and face.


 I bought a kit that included Isagenix protein powder, aloe vera juice, and an eating schedule.  In one week I lost 5 pounds, my mom lost 9 and in two weeks my brother-in-law lost 17lbs.  I felt great –not full, but not starving and it put me on a path of eating smaller portions and lighter food.  The other benefit was that it weaned me from sugar and salt.  My tastebuds had been cleansed in the process. 


While in Italy, we ate gelato every single day and tasted everything we could.  I did not re-gain one pound. My mom has since lost an additional 15 lbs (total = 25!), walks 2 miles every day with ankle weights and no longer needs her blood pressure meds.


Sometimes we just need a little jumpstart.