OK, this is downright embarrassing so why not tell the whole world?  I, TravelingMom, left on our European family vacation with NO technology.  I repeat:  NONE.  I thought I had out smarted the whole techno game by forwarding my e-mails to my husband's Blackberry and by confirming that a laptop was available to me for at least half of my trip.  What I did not know was that I was about to encounter my worst techno screw up as owner of Traveling Mom.


Two days after I arrived in Europe, I got a call from my new developer alerting me that he had pulled an all-nighter with my server company because none of the links on Traveling Mom were working.  The site was breaking down.  I then hopped on the nearest pay phone (because, remember, I had NO technology) and started dialing for answers.  I was able to receive some but not all of my e-mails via my husband's Blackberry and we were not yet to the destination with the laptop.  We did find internet kiosks at the Waterloo and Victoria train stations in London that were somewhat helpful.