Yes, yes. World peace, affordable healthcare for all, a cure for cancer … all things I wish for.
But there a two petty items on today’s wish list:
1) Spousal sick days. A sick spouse keeps you up all night (coughing, flip-flopping in bed), but when morning comes, he stays in bed while you must get up and operate on 3 (interrupted) hours of sleep. A spousal sick day would allow you to sleep, tend to your sick hubs (or wife), and disinfect everything he or she touched so the kids don’t get sick, too.
2) Smart women didn’t stand by their man. I wish Silda Wall Spitzer would have done one of two things:
a) Held up two fingers – either bunny ears behind her husband’s head, or the double flip-off in his direction – during that press conference; or
b) Grabbed the microphone and told the world that she is kicking the gov out of the mansion and hiring the best lawyers money can buy. I’m telling you, she would have become a legend among women. Presidential material, even.
Share your petty wishes!