Am I the only one who is crawling out of my skin in the hopes that spring is finally here?  I swear it’s been the worst year EVER for sickness in my house.  We’ve dubbed our house as the house of pain and the house of illin’ and my children are now referred to as Typhoid Mary and flu-giving Phil.  I swear I was in the pediatrician’s office every week with one of them (and I only have 2) for the past 3 months.  I’m sure my insurance company is getting ready to drop us for overuse of benefits.  Not being able to take any winter vacations due to illness has us all climbing the walls and ready for a much needed spring break.  Now it’s just a question of where to go?  I think I can hear the cherry blossoms whispering my name, so our travels will take us to Washington, D.C.  A little history, some amazing museums and a kid-friendly hotel are all I need!      


Tell me your tale of winter woe and what you are doing to combat it on our message board.