Please, travelingmom readers, pray for my soul.
Pray that I will have strength, patience and gratitude in the days ahead. And that I will not jump off a 10th floor balcony.
You see, I am about to spend four days in the Caribbean with my mother. Just the two of us.
She knows I’ve been dealing with some personal and financial funk lately, so she called me up one day at work to invite me for a long island weekend. She even offered to pick up the tab for everything. How nice is that?
During our conversation, I looked outside and saw it was snowing for the 800th time this winter. I glanced at my pasty-white skin. I flashedback to my husband’s head shaking "no" when I asked if we could please, please, please go somewhere warm this winter, even though we’d have to charge it. I heard my exhausted inner-self screaming "GO!!!"
So, I said "Sure."
After I hung up, I stared at the phone and thought, "What have I done? She is going to drive me insane."
Here’s the problem: my mom is a talker. She likes to talk to everyone on the airplane. Everyone in the airport. Everyone in the hotel shuttle. She wants to see and experience everything, which is something I admire about her. But let me tell you, it gets really annoying.
She’s a Grand Master of Guilt ("I guess I’ll just go alone, then"), and worst of all, loves deep discussions ("So, are you happy with your life?"). She thinks it’s fun to be the center of attention.
That is the complete opposite of me.
To me, an island vacation is time to NOT talk. It’s time to read, chill, sleep and space out with my iPod on. To get my groove back. Not to get to know the really nice people at the next table from Texas whose daughter also went to Indiana University — can you believe it?— and who I will never, ever see again.
It’s too late to back out now, though. Within an hour, my mom had booked the whole trip.
If you’ve ever traveled with your mother before, as an adult, I’d appreciate any advice!