Oh man, are the stay-at-home moms peeved over this new TLC show, “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom.”

On message boards across the Web, they spewed anger and vowed to never watch TLC again because they found this show was so offensive. And I have to say, this show sent the Mommy Wars (the SAHM vs. the Working Moms) back to square one.

The premise of “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom” is that a SAHM is secretly given an opportunity to return to the career she left. And then, at the end of the show, she gets to decide which life she wants. In the debut episode, the woman chose to return to work full-time as a fashion designer. Her family cheered and cried tears of joy, and there was no mention of how the kids would fare in all this.

Subliminally, the message of this first show was that women are happier if they work. That staying at home with kids can’t be completely fulfilling, especially for women who’ve left successful careers.


Do you agree ?


Jamie Bartosch is a regular blogger on Travelingmom.com