March 2008



The first thing I thought after I confirmed that I was being asked to participate in a group discussion about balancing working and family for the Montel Williams Show was, "I wonder what 2 inch jet black roots will look like on TV?" 


See, as a working mom, I don't always include myself in the BALANCE.  I mean who the hell says I have to be balanced everyday anyway?  Sometimes I am sometimes I'm not – that sounds balanced to me.  I had been living in the NOT week, which is why I had still not made the time to address the 2 inch jet black roots problem. At 10, I called in a hair emergency to Robert at PURE in G-wich.  Luckily, he was able to take me and he fixed the problem.  I even had enough time to buy a colorful top for the show, b/c of course I had nothing to wear!  Best of all, I was on schedule.


Made the 3:12 train, got out my reading materials, sat back and enjoyed the ride.  For about 25 minutes.  At New Rochelle, which is about 20 minutes by train from  NYC, the train stopped and we were told that a frigging building collapsed near 125th street and that all trains going both ways were stopped until further notice.


Now I used to ride this train a lot and had this happen to me before – in New Rochelle oddly enough.  I stood up and asked who wanted to share a cab to Grand Central and lead them up the street where we hogged the first cab that came into view.  Luckily one of the 3 other passengers knew the way to NYC b/c our cabbie did not. When the cabbie figured out that we were not going to pay $40 each for the ride (we paid $80 total), he dumped us out at 69th & 2nd Ave which is the other side of the world from my destination –  9th Ave & 13th St.  From there, I opted out of another cab ride b/c (1) I had no more cash and did not know of an ATM nearby and (2) it was rush hour traffice.   My new friend & subway guide, Lauren, and I hoofed it several blocks to the subway.  3 subway trains later, I arrived at the hotel 30 minutes late.  No one knew where I was or the crap I was going thru to get there b/c I could not call from down under.  I was certain I would be excluded from the taping but they took me right in and sat me at the table of women ( 3 of whom were wearing my clever TV color discovery – coral!).  I needed another 5 minutes to take some deep breaths and mentally be there — then just joined right in to the conversation.


The producers will edit the 2 hours of conversation to 2 minutes so I will be lucky to get 10 seconds. I worked (walked!) hard for those 10 seconds. 


The air date is 3rd week of March.  I will keep you posted as I get specifics.