Thank God I got my roots done.  After we taped the "round table " segment for the MW show, we were invited to attend the taping on Thursday.   I figured what the heck.  I'd seen show tapings before but maybe I would think of a way to shout out, TRAVELINGMOM.COM from my audience seat.    I could say something about the joys & trials related to working from home on TRAVELINGMOM.COM. I had all kinds of possibilities concocted.  

After my fiasco trying to get to the first segment taping, I was determined to arrive early and prove just how on time I can be.  A couple of other women from the round table also arrived (later than I did!) and we were escorted to a green room.  Where we waited for 3 hours.  I am not exaggerating.  The great news is the room was full of smart, interesting women so there was no lack of conversation.


Now, however, MW was going to make me late for a dinner demonstration I was attending in Soho.  I asked one of the PAs if they could devise a way for me to leave after 30 minutes or so but then she told me they had me sitting in row 1.  That seat was going to get me closer to my goal so I decided to stay.  A few minutes later THE MW asked me if I would like to talk!  SURE!  They mic'd me up and I sat there smiling with sweaty palms,  heart pounding, wondering what the $%ll he was going to ask me. 

The show started out with the requisite applause and smiles and the 2 minute intro from the round table.  I tried to be cool and calm as I anxiously waited to see my face.  It was not to be.  Three hours, one train, 3 subways and a taxi do not guarantee you anything!  The only part of me that got camera time was the back of my head, gorgeous roots and all, as I clinked glasses at the end of our discussion. 

I can only hope the fate of my 10 second comment about working from home made it to the show. We'll know in 2 weeks.