Right on, Madonna. I am material girl living in a material world.
And that’s been something of a problem.
Maybe it’s my privileged ‘80s upbringing, but I have this strange subconscious belief that if something is more expensive, it’s better.
Examples of things I’ve purchased recently where this has come into play: eye cream, granola, children’s gym shoes, and hiking socks.
Eye cream: I have ridiculously dark circles under my eyes (thanks, Mom), so when I see new products that PROVE and SWEAR and GUARANTEE to get rid of them, I don’t care what it costs. (Note: raccoon eyes? Still there).
Granola: If a little bag is $7, then, I figure, the ingredients are probably healthier and the packaging is more earth-friendly than the $3 bag. I’ve convinced myself it tastes better, too.
Children’s gym shoes: I have justified, in my mind, that spending $48 on a pair of gym shoes for a 4-year-old is a good investment because they’ve been "professionally fitted" and have good arch support. Plus, they are really, really cute.
Hiking socks: The outdoorsy-store socks ($15 for one pair) are certainly better quality than big box store brands, right? I mean, these people know and understand hiking.
What are you thinking? Money well spent? Or, girl, what-choo doin’? Starbucks built an empire on people who think like me, didn’t they.