Hasn't that term been outlawed anyway?

At least I don't.  I thought that term was passe anyway.  I was surprised to be invited to a talk show with Supermom not only as the theme but as part of the title of the show.  My days do not start out with the intention of being a supermom.  I just want to enjoy my day and do my jobS.  I also don't buy into the "good enough mom" cliche b/c it has lowered expectation attached to it.  I have high expectations.  I want to be a the best mom, business person, best human being I can.  That's it.  Some days I gloat, smugly basking in the glory of a good day of remarkable motherly insight, patience and direction.  I can hardly be in the same room with myself.  Other days I am back in bed, under the covers, appalled at how I could speak to my children THAT WAY.  Whose voice was that?  Again. 


Unfortunately, the best part of the Supermom Montel Williams Show went unseen by his viewers.  The portion of the show with the women sitting around the table, sharing their working mom experiences was incredible.  This was a room filled with smart, determined women who are also moms.  The conversation never stopped.  There was so much to say, so much to offer and much support in the room.  One of the producers even commented that it was the best group she had worked with.  No one talked about aspirations to becoming Supermom; we laughed at ourselves, our worries, our changed lives.  We talked about motherhood as one part of who we are and how we aspire to becoming more ourselves.




Thanks, Kim C. for confirming that today.