Waxer, that is.  In preparation for our European Vacation, I got my very first bikini wax.  Today was my persoanl tune-up day – pedicure, waxing, prescription, new sunglasses, etc.  We are planning to spend a lot of time at the beach in Sicily and I could not picture trying to shave everyday when I wasn't even sure if we would shower everyday.  It was time anyway.  I am a grown-up (most of the time) and every woman I canvassed about the best place to go for a first wax was shocked that I had skipped it for 44 years.  

A friend who assured me she had researched both coasts for the best waxing pros, referred me to Celia B. in Greenwich.  As I continued my own survey of waxing women, I found Celia to be the top recommend.  Now I know why.

First, Celia is from Brazil.  Waxing the body was probably invented there.  Second, she is a mom so she had a calming nature and was totally unaffected by my whimpering and infantile behavior.  She was quick and professional.  She also noticed my eyebrows made my face look sad.  Now, thanks to Celia B., my face, with my newly groomed eyebrows, looks happy.

I can't say waxing is FUN but I will return so tha's saying something.