I have a new rolemommy.  It is the runway model who struts the catwalk in high heels. And if there is one who is a mom, well, she gets a bonus.


Rolemommy .com organized a Mother's Day Fashion Show at Macy's Herald Square for mom-preneurs and their daughters. My daughter and I had a ball trying on as many outfits as we could get our hands on.  I tried to keep an open mind and let the stylist dress me.  After all, I was there for a new experience and I see & dress myself every darn day.  Maybe the stylist would find a whole new look for me.  Good ones can do that in 15 minutes, right? They do it all the time on What Not to Wear


My stylist chose a pink swirly dress that I would never have chosen for myself (even in Spanx).  I do not own one single pink thing (not even underwear) and it was also pretty fitted (which I have carefully avoided for years).  That was all the more reason to wear it.  And all size 10+ of me felt sexy in it… as long as I didn't walk.  I had to trade in the shoes.  I literally could not walk 2 feet in them (pardon the pun).  They were these hot BCBG gold high wedges and I just could not move!  Was I always like this or is this another gift for us 40-somethings?  I wish I could say that no one else could walk in them but they were the shoes of the day and several moms wore them.  But I am convinced they were in agonizing pain. My daughter's dress, meanwhile, matched my outfit perfectly and she could not have looked sassier in her hip hop hat. 


For my "walk" the MC said something like "Flaunt it Don't Fight it."  OK, I still need to work on the flaunt but I definitely enjoyed it.  Thanks, Rolemommy & Macy's!