Thanks, it’s fake
While in New York City recently, I bought a fake Kate Spade bag. It’s a good fake, aside from the cheap-looking cotton lining, and it cost me only $13. Thirteen dollars!! If I only carry it once, and it looks cute (which it does), then it’s a worthwhile investment.
I’m convinced it’s an above-average knock-off because I didn’t buy it from a Canal Street storefront, like most tourists do. Rather, I took a local’s advice and followed a stranger into a hidden back room in Chinatown where the ‘good fakes" were.
So, anyway, I’m back in Chicago, carrying my new "designer" bag, and the compliments start to flow. What do I respond to each and every person?
"Thanks. It’s fake. I got it for $13."
I do the same thing with this deceptively nice but entirely fake diamond ring I bought at Kohl’s for $5.
Now, what exactly is the point of buying fake bags and jewels if I’m just going to tell everyone they’re fake? Am I just trying to impress strangers?