This past February break, my family, along with much of the eastern seaboard, decided to go on a ski vacation.  Since we had the entire week sans school or work, we decided to go a little further north than usual, eschewing the usual mountains in Vermont or southern New Hampshire.  We pressed on to the White Mountains Region of New Hampshire, a six-hour trek that turned out to be well worth it.  Based in North Conway, NH, you have your choice of a half-dozen mountains, small to large, within a few minutes' drive, and all very family friendly.  Best of all, lift lines are brief and move quickly, which is critical when skiing with preschoolers, as we were.  A ski trip can melt into disaster very quickly when trying to corral angry youngsters weary of standing in line and eager for the thrill of flying powder.  I highly recommend a private lesson as well.  One mountain we sampled, Cranmore, offered superb one on one instruction for each of our boys.  For only a little more cost than a group lesson, our five-year old and three-year old each improved dramatically in technique and confidence on the slopes, and my husband and I had an hour to ourselves!  Another New Hampshire bonus – all children ages five and under ski for free at every mountain in the state.  The White Mountains National Park is jaw-droppingly beautiful.  It reminded me of Norway with its jagged granite peaks reaching for the sky.  Even if you are tired from skiing, do not forget the outlet shopping!  North Conway is home to dozens of outlets with freakishly low price tags, and there is no sales tax in New Hampshire.