BadBloodnewMany of you adore the Twilight series but we have the inside scoop on another set of books that you may enjoy even more!  The  Blood Coven Vampire series features twin sisters as different as the sun and the rain.  They each have their own goals and passions but destiny doesn’t serve life up exactly the way they dream.  There are four novels in the series which will thrill readers of all ages.  In the first book, a case of mistaken identity between sisters leads to a deadly bite and a race against time to reverse the consequences.  

The books in the series include Boys that Bite, Stake That, Girls that Growl, and the most recent title Bad Blood.  Each features adventures between the twin sisters and the Blood Coven that dominates their lives.  All of the books can be found at Borders, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  The author, Mari Mancusi, is an Emmy award-winning writer and television producer who enjoys videogames, goth dancing, manga, cheesy horror movies and spending time with her dog Molly.  As a teen, she often thought about what it would be like to be a vampire.  Let us know what you dreamed about being when you were a teen and you’ll be entered to win a copy of each of the first three books, Boys that Bite, Stake That, and Girls that Growl.  The winner will be chosen at random.  Just sign up for our newsletter and then leave us your comment below.  You have until January 28th to enter.  The winner will be drawn at random on January 29.