This was our first time actually staying in Pismo Beach and we had an amazing time. The town has a cool laid-back vibe that feels like a combination of Northern and Southern California, which is appropriate since it’s pretty close to being in the middle of the state. It’s absolutely beautiful in Pismo too; definitely the most beautiful sunset we saw on our whole trip.

It was with great relief that when after a full day’s drive, when we rolled into Pismo Beach we were able to relax and unwind at the Sandcastle Inn. As guests of the Sandcastle Inn, we were greeted with the same thing that every other guest gets comped with while staying there: A magnificent view of the beach and ocean. It just cannot get better than this. You know you are staying at the right place when there is an outdoor shower to rinse the sand off of your feet before you come back inside.


As Allison soaked her bones in the only hot tub that I have ever been to that was EXACTLY at sea level, after a delicious continental breakfast (not the wrapped danish variety) I took the children on a 20 foot walk down to the beach. As you can tell by this photo, someone was very happy to have the nearest 400 acres of sand and water all to himself.

The children must have collected 30 or so sand dollars that they were convinced HAD to be taken home while I was quite convinced that any carcass, no matter how small, does not belong in the back of the car for the next two weeks.

After a full day of making a construction site of the beach with shovels and buckets, it was wonderful to know that the very helpful staff behind the desk at the Sandcastle Inn was ready to point us in the right direction of where and what to eat. Sure there are iPhone apps that tell you where to find a 3 star restaurant within 2 miles of my location, but nothing beats having a conversation with a knowledgeable local about what to eat, trying to remember if it was two lefts and a right, or two rights and a left, not knowing if you actually found the place you were looking for, and yet somehow still being satisfied in the end.

Pismo is a great town for walking or bikes (go rent one at the hotel), either way, it’s a great place to park the car and forget that it’s even there. If you are going to park your car and forget that it’s there we recommend that you do it at the Sandcastle Inn.

Starting July 2, the Sandcastle Inn would like everyone to come down and celebrate summer with them at a seaside lounge. Starting at 6pm each night, The Sandcastle Inn is providing for it’s guests:

  • Wine Tasting
  • Art Viewings
  • Author Greeting
  • Seated Mini Massages
  • Olive and Nut Tasting

The Sandcastle Inn is a Pacifica Hotel, so if you cannot stay at Pismo, we would encourage you to say at one of their other locations that I am quite confident will not disappoint.