Some families like nothing more than a spot on the beach and chance to soak up the sun’s rays on vacation. Not us. I mean, my family appreciates a little rest and relaxation, but we’re not what you would call “sun people.” We are, however, “museum people.”So my interest was piqued when I read about this new book, Ethic Museums and Heritage Sites in the United States. At nearly $50, I’m hoping my local library will buy a copy, so I won’t have to. The book includes 302 Native American museums, as well as 112 Jewish, 66 German, 60 Spanish and 55 Asian sites.One of the highlights of learning about other cultures is sampling the related food. Along that vein, the food at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. is not to be missed. The Mitsitam (Let’s Eat) Cafe has the best, most unique museum food we’ve ever tasted. They offer foods from a range of native cultures, with each food station depicting tradition cooking styles, ingredients and flavors. My husband still raves about the lunch we ate there last June: grilled salmon, sun chokes, plantains and variety of unusual salads. Mmmm.On a related note, if you’re in the mood for a bit of armchair travel, check out this site from Oklahoma’s Cherokee Nation.And in April, I hope to offer a family perspective the soon to open Illinois Holocaust Museum.Kim also blogs at Hormone-colored Days.