2009 Volkswagen Tiguan-3After much deliberation, my family and I finally decided upon a new car and this week, we picked up our wheels, a brand spankin’ new VW Tiguan.  So all week long, I tooled around in my black SUV with the rear camera, navigation system, awesome sunroof, satellite radio and more.  That is, until today.While I took my trusty Tiguan to jury duty (I feel as if I’ve been given a life sentence of jury duty this month), there wasn’t a snowflake in sight.  We sat through a few cases and lucky for us, by 11:30 am, we were dismissed and I was ready to brave the snow.  At first, the drive was pretty simple, flat roads that had been plowed or salted, nothing much to report.  But then, as I started to drive up hills, I noticed that my car doesn’t really handle icy conditions very well.  On two occasions, I spun a little bit out of control and then proceeded to drive at the speed of snail so that I wouldn’t careen into a pond near my home.  After cruising slowly up my street and struggling to get the car in the garage, I’ve discovered that if you’re truly going to get to test drive a car, you need to do it in a blizzard.  But then again, what car dealer will let you take the keys that day?  Either way, I still love my car – just can’t drive it in bad weather.  I wonder how it handles in a typhoon.For more of my musings about work, life and everything in between, visit me at Role Mommy.