TravelingMom.comDid you know that Costa Rica has the only sloth rehabilitating center in the whole wide world? Sloth Rescue Center (Aviarios Del Caribe)!

Fifteen years ago, the lovely couple that owns this eco-farm was brought a baby sloth, which was injured. It was so hurt that it could never be released back into the wild. Buttercup, the couple’s first sloth, is still here for everyone to enjoy. After that fateful day, when Buttercup came into their lives, the owners have opened their doors to more sloths. Today there are over 75 sloths, and that number is growing each day.

TravelingMom.comThe best part is not only the love and care that has been put into this amazing place by the owners, but also all the volunteers that come to learn about and help with the sloth population.

TravelingMom.comThis is such a great place to visit for families and adults! You’ll learn so much about this gentle, adorable animal that you will leave simply feeling good about mankind.


TravelingMom.comPlease help out this super worthy cause Buttercup Foundation.

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