My husband and I fell in love with skiing as we fell in love with each other. During our first year together, we spent many nights snuggled up in little bed and breakfasts in Vermont and many days chasing each other down mogul runs. As we got more serious and started talking openly about a future together, we laughed at the tiny daredevils skiing past us in their ski school formationS. We joked about how our kids would be just like that one day.

Last weekend, we tried to make that dream a reality. Our kids are now 7, 4, and 2. We’ve been taking the older two skiing at a little hill near our house called Campgaw Mountain for years. Bella, our oldest, can now ski alone, while our son Jack likes to think he can. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to stop. We decided that we were ready to graduate from the NJ hills to Vermont. We headed up to Stratton to take the kids back to where it all began.I had it all planned. Every kid was enrolled in some sort of morning activity (daycare for the baby, ski school for the torpedo and a private lesson for Bella). We would enjoy a morning of child-free skiing and come together on the slopes as a family in the afternoon, as we had always dreamed.The morning was wonderful. Everyone went off to their destination, and Steve and I got to enjoy some long runs in fresh powder. At noon, all hell broke loose. Jack begged us to take him out of ski school, and Juliette emerged from daycare with tear stained cheeks. Only Bella was rearing to go.After a long lunch break, we headed off to the mountain as a family. The chorus of whines from the kids was louder than the gusting wind. Their demands were relentless: gloves needed to be adjusted over and over again, skis kept on falling, and helmets were too tight. By the time we reached the magic carpet, I felt as though I was the mother of ten kids and I longed for my easy single days. We eventually managed some runs down the bunny slope, but it was definitely not the carefree family skiing we had dreamed of.After we piled into the warm car (Stratton has a genius valet parking option) at the end of the day, the kids shocked me by shouting about how much fun they’d had and begging to go again the next day. Our family skiing day may not have been what I envisioned, but it certainly was a success in their eyes.This is an original Traveling Mom post. When not chasing her kids down the mountain, Vanessa blogs at Chefdruck Musings and Chefdruck Reviews.