skibunniesMost people are surprised to hear that I am not a skiier, especially because I’m a native New Englander.  I really wish it was something I could get excited about, because skiing is a hobby that can make winters a bit more bearable. So, last winter, right after Christmas, my family headed out to the Adirondacks Region of New York, thanks to the Adirondack Region Tourism Council.  We went to Gore Mountain, which ended up being the perfect spot for newbie skiiers.

My husband, the only veteran skiier of our family, decided to skip out on lessons, while I took private lessons and the kids stayed in the Kids’ Camp.  After getting our rental skis (an entire process in itself), we dropped the kids off at camp.  Then, I headed to my private lesson, which was within viewing distance of the kids’ camp.

Surprisingly, I could stand up on skis pretty easily, probably due to the improved balance I’ve achieved through yoga.  But, it was most impressive to see how my quickly my kids were able to ski.  After just a few practice runs on a magic carpet, they were stopping and turning like pros.  I think this was a great age to get my little ones started on skiis.  With their childlike courage and lack of fear, they were able to pick up the skills necessary to ski, unlike their mommy, who was terrified of falling.  They absolutely loved the Kids’ Camp – the instructors were excellent, and they just loved taking the fun hot chocolate break.

That was last year, and we are all already excited to go on a ski vacation this year!  My goal this year is to try to get just a little bit better – while I know my son and daughter will probably be whizzing down the mountain in no time. 


Disclosure: Our accommodations and ski lessons were provided at no cost.