Snow Globe Souvenirs can be a fun way to remember past vacations and trips. But, honestly — how many miniature spoons or snow globes does a person truly need? Whether you’re traveling alone for business or as a family, think about creative ways to commemorate your trip.

  • Bring a camera, and take a special photo or a funny or memorable picture that represents the mood of the trip. For the kids, give them a disposable camera to take their own pictures with – this way they will have memories of the times they want to remember, and not just the family photos.
  • Collect something. Pass on the kitschy key chains and collect something useful or unique. Some ideas include hotel key cards (save them up and use them to decorate the surface a table, mosaic-style), post cards, or items unique to the destination, such as cookbooks.
  • Send a postcard home. Have the kids write a post card about the trip and send it home. This way, when they get home they’ll find fun reminders of the vacation long after the suntans fade. Or, if you’re traveling alone, send a post card or two home to the kids.

 What do you do for souvenirs?

Photo by Margan Zajdowicz