So, as a Chicagoan and journalist who actually knows President-elect Barack Obama, I’m thinking of dragging the family to Washington on Jan. 20. (If he saw you, would he know you? my skeptical son asked. Yes, I answered snobbishly. At least he didn’t roll his eyes at the idea. Ah the joys of traveling with teens.)

I know the hotel rooms are booked, but I have friends there who (I hope) would let us crash on their couch. I even know one whose kids have flown the nest, so we might even get a bed with her. The question is: Is it worth it? We would have a better seat in front on the television. But this is such an historic occasion–the first African American to be president, the first guy I know to be president, the first guy I actually voted for enthusiastically to be president. It seems too big to miss.Any thoughts/advice/comments? Have you ever gone to an inaugural? Was it worth it?