babySo this story in USA Today asks: Should planes have families-only sections for families flying with kids? My initial reaction was an overwhelming No! But now I’m not so sure.

I hate the idea of segregating or discriminating against anyone for any reason–whether it’s a Muslim woman who objects to security screenings or families flying with kids who would be relegated to the back of the plane.

Because, make no mistake about it, that’s where we would be. In the back of the plane. Near the smelly lavatories. In seats that don’t recline.

But maybe that’s the best place for families flying with kids. At least for those of us with kids who are too young to understand the rules of behavior on an airplane.


It actually might be a relief to be in a families-only area. That way, when a kid needs to go to the bathroom–for the third time on the 90-minute flight–you would be crawling over another mom, not that snooty businessman who thinks he’s better than you are.

And when the kids need a drink, the galley is just feet away.

Finally, when it’s time to unload the aircraft, you can take your sweet time, gathering up all your kid accoutrements and saunder off the flight rather than hearing that snooty guy huff while you try to juggle the carryon, the diaper bag and the baby, all without any help from him.

The quid-pro-quo? Families get to board first. Even ahead of those extra snooty first class passengers.

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