eco-doughOne of the pleasures of travel, for me at least, is finding great local boutiques. Whether in Sloane Square, London Bucktown, in Chicago, or Lincoln Road in Miami, I enjoy checking out – and sometimes buying – local fashion. With young children in tow, this can be nearly impossible. Unless you are specifically targeting toy stores, you probably won’t have a great time taking your kids from store to store.

This is where a great new site, Grows Up, comes in. This website, started by four women (moms and aunts) showcases boutiques and unique baby and children’s clothes. The website is dedicated to making things easy, both for the moms who shop there, and the small entrepreneurs who want to sell.

You can find a well-edited selection of toys, baby accessories and furniture, along with clothing and shoes. You won’t see the same stuff you find at a mall, but you will find adorable booties and sweaters, BPA-free plates made from recycled plastic and organic cleansers. Books, music and DVDs are coming soon.

Grows Up lets you create a customized boutique for your child, which ‘grows’ with him. As you return to the site, it offers new clothing and toys based on his age and gender. If you share your log in with grandparents, they can shop for your child based on the site’s recommendations. If you are shopping for someone else, you can filter by gender and age, from zero to three months, up to five years old. Grows Up plans to expand its offerings for older kids, too.